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Edridion species guide (Grendagorain) by ChristoMan
Edridion species guide (Grendagorain)

biological description 
Medium sized reptilian creatures.
Mainly green skinned, other common colors are grey, dark blue, and orange. 
large glowing red eyes.
a large jagged spike on their head that breaks off into two symmetrical spike trails down to the tail, before merging back into one spke trail down to the tail. 
large "crocodile" sized jaws. 

Brief History:  
The Grendagorain (or Grendagor as more commonly called) is a non-indigenous Reptilian species commonly found in the outer rim of the galaxy. Theses intimidating creatures roots are traced back to a large backwater planet only know by the name "Horrus", a large rocky planet known to for its constant tectonic plates shifting and shaping the land. It is said the Grendagors spent most of their existence waging war aongst each other for complete control of their large rocky safe heaven, though its not entirely clear how the species began to expand off Horrus and into the known universe, our only sources speculate that the Grendagor's most likely collected technology from any species that had the unfortunate luck of discovering their rocky stronghold. 

The present time has seen the Grendagorian population explode among large areas of the Universe which has seen the species now come into conflict with many different galatic communities and empires; even The Dark Blade Clan has seen a small amount of Grendagorain factions challenge our hunting growns soverinty, luckily they make for good sport.

Edridion Inteligence:
Numerous Grendagor factions, companies, and rogues are believed to live and thrive in many parts of the Edridion System. their short tempers and lust for violence make them a prime proprietor for any hostility you may come across during your stay, they take their territorial claims very seriously and its strongly discouraged that you violate them unless you have to. many lone wolf Grendagor's however live on Edridion, but be advised as large numbers of them are bounty hunters, hit-men, and assassins, by now this shouldn't be surprising to you.  

Nature and inteligence:  
If you have learned anything from the small amount of information from the "brief history" segment, Grendagor's are incredibly vicious and brutal, however they do possess emotions such as empathy, pity, and compassion ,though expect never to see these emotions in public as they are very reserved creatures, but its not impossible to befriend one.  

The Grendagor will almost always take a challenge head on it thinks it can win, this has made them a respected and feared foe the galaxy, while always keen to look for a fight, and spill some blood for no reason other then enjoyment, Grendagor's are quite quiet and reserved creatures when not brawling and killing, don't expect to see them at the center of the room collecting and bathing in attention.

Intelligence wise, while not the stupidest creature in the known universe, Grendagorain's are known for their fighting will and brutal nature, not problem solving and creative skills. But that doesn't mean you should underestimate what intelligence the have. they are keen street smart learners and can use almost any technology if shown how to, though it might take them longer to learn more complicated tasks involving technology.

The Grendagorain culture is very simple to understand, prove yourself to be able to hold you're own, and win by any means necessary. while Grendagor's have come a long way from being nothing more then a "mindless violent" species in the far reaches of space; one must understand that while they have evolved and become civilized in many aspects, their culture and societal values remain almost unchanged, the strongest rules over the weak, this has made the Grendagor's a very powerful race, but their sectarian nature has kept them from ever wielding true power in the Universe, maybe that's a good thing.

their native tounge is mainly full of body lamguage, growls and grumbles, this can be quite a complicated language to understand, but basic hospitality among the species is a mere bow of the head, though you should avoid this, unlike most species Grendagor's are greatly insulted by others practicing their traditions. They can speak English very well and can catch on many expressions and slang terms right well, meaning sadly, any jokes or jabs at them will have to be in you're own native tounge, which Most Grendagor's struggle to understand. 

A single Grendagor is not much of a risk or challenge to a Covert Operative such as yourself. but they are not to be underestimated in numbers, more commonly than not unfortunately they attack in groups to overwhelm their foes. while you will notice that most Grendagor's on Edridion are packing serious firepower (mainly laser rifles and pistols) its close range where their brutal reputation shines, their jaws are strong, not as powerful as a Xenomorph bite, but they will definitely make a nasty mess.

strengths and weaknesses.  

Severing limbs has been known to decrease their threat, but don't be surprised if cutting off and arm does little in calming down one of these guys.
choosing to run instead of fight is quite foolish. if you start something be prepared to finish it, Grendagor's don't forgive and forget attackers.
Their eyes are almost as sharp as yours, but their hearing and sense of smell is almost human level dangerous, use this information wisely fellow Operative.
Blinding them almost certainly will cease their threat.
their skin can withstand large amounts of heat so flame weapons are not recommended. 
cunning wit and intelligence, while not entirely stupid, creative traps and plans are likely to be successful.
all in all their attacks are deadly when played out at the right time, but they aren't thinking too much about attacks played again them, thinking ahead and anticipating their attacks will reward you with the job done quicker. 

observant facts
As seen in the example image above, its quite common to come across Grendagor's with mechanical limbs different shapes and sizes, mainly replacing limbs or chunks of their bodies lost in fights, this proves that they do have some technical know how. Though the quality of said mechanical limbs and gear varies from sophisticated hardware, to little more than pieces of trash. 
Grendagor's buy most of their weapons, though some of the larger crime firms and factions produce their own gear.
When not fighting or engaging in combat, its been said they are good scrape hunters, understandable since most limbs they create to replace ones they loose are from scrape.   

I hope this information proves useful. safe passage and best of luck A'ka'an-Dra

You'res truly *Classified*


About time I tried making something or my own :XD: thumbs up to anyone that reads off this information :nod:

Thought it would be a cool idea to do species bio's for some critters that will appear in The Allure Of Edridion :nod: thought it would be more interesting to write these so they're kinda like data files The Dark Blade Clan or some other character yet to reveal themselves has left for  :iconyautja-syn: character A'ka'an-Dra while he is on his mission :nod:

Won't say much for those who have read this whole information sheet :XD: but hope you enjoy :nod:

making of facts: 
The Grendagor's appearance is actually based off of a reptilian species I used to draw back in primary school, thought it would be cool to give them an update now ;P
can't remember what I called them, but the glowing red eyes are what i loved about them :nod:
some inspiration for these creatures came from 50's and 60's reptilian aliens :XD: mainly the humanoid look :XD:
I didn't actually base these guys off of any dinosaur lizard, or reptile while drawing them (I don't really know any anyway :P) the only references I used where old sketches I found from primary school :XD:

Enjoy watchers, more to come hopefully :D and hope you like this different species. :nod:      

Grendagorains desgined and created by myself :iconchristoman:
A'ka'an owned by :iconyautja-syn:

The Allure Of Edridion written by both of us :icongrin--plz:  
The Allure Of Edridion Poster by ChristoMan
The Allure Of Edridion Poster
One Fool's Demise, is another fool's paycheck

I've never tired making a poster peice of art :nod: but I figured i'd give it a go :D one thing I have lots of in my room is  movie posters :XD:

While I've been on this art binge recently I figured it was time to produce some art for the Fanfic collab myself and :iconyautja-syn: have been producing for a few years now :nod: ( don't worry I promise a new chapter is coming soon:XD:) hopefully producing some art for the story may get some more people reading it :D

Though i'm not the first to produce art for this story, :iconshroomhuntress: has also done some cool looking posters :D
Flinch Poster
A'ka'an-Dra poster  

heres a link to the start of the sotry if anyone wants to give it a try :D NOTE: it is a little different to your usual AVP fanfiction ;) think the poster makes that clear :XD: 
(The Allure Of Edridion - Prologue
I've had a balst helping Syn write the story. A Xenomorph outlaw and a Yautja covert operative crossing paths could only have worked on paper if it were these two ;)  

A quick outline for those who do not know the story. 
The Allure Of Edridion pitches my Xenomorph character Flinch Spacey(Left) and :iconyautja-syn: character A'ka'an-dra (Right) onto the dangerous world of Edridion, a planet known for posessing some of the largest illegal trades and enterprises in the galazy, and for being an outlaw and criminal sanctuary.

Both characters have their missions and goals to make a living on the world, but with civil unrest umongst the planets crime firms raging, outside galatic intervention becoming iminent, and a whole world full of scumbags and theives, the two must try to put millions of years of species riviarly aside in order surive the planets hostile enviorment.

I'm quite happy with the final result, didn't want to go over board with detail by adding a city and shit to symbolise the planet more :nod: as long as Flinch and A'kar are looking good thats all that matters :P

Enjoy watchers, much more art to still come hopefully :XD:

Flinch Spacey created by :iconchristoman:
A'ka'an-dra created by :iconyautja-syn:
Story by both of us :icongrin--plz:
AVP owned by FOX.  

AVP: The Hive Rogue (page 6)
A short story of Flinch Spacey's most common daily action, survival. Wink/Razz <Page 5- Page 7> (coming soon) 
This is just an excuse to make a comic really, but nothing too technical story wise XD but if people enjoy what they see i might stretch it out to be longer then expected :D (Big Grin)

Page 6: Looks like the cavalierly has arrived, which is good, predators like fights to be sort of fair ;) (Ugh I hate drawing human blood! :XD:)

Flinch Spacey created by and owned by myself
AVP belongs to FOX  
AVP: The Hive Rogue (Page 5) by ChristoMan
AVP: The Hive Rogue (Page 5)
A short story of Flinch Spacey's most common daily action, survival. Wink/Razz
<Page 4 - Page 6>
This is just an excuse to make a comic really, but nothing too technical story wise XD but if people enjoy what they see i might stretch it out to be longer then expected :D (Big Grin)  

Page 5: Spoke too soon as usual Flinch :XD: just what he needs, as if a hunting party of predators wasn't enough fun, A dispatch of Contractors have arrived assumingly to contain and destory the Alien threat. gotta hand it to the humans, they are have a nack of dropping right in the middle of other species fights :nod: 

Side Note:
I chose to use a Private Military company myself and wolfey are creating (Called "Danger Close Multinational") for our Xeno flyers collab, to play around with drawing combat troops and all that junk :nod: They're supposed to be a company Weyland Yutani had a hand in making due to the unreliability of the Colonial marines  protecting their assets. soon I will upload a sheet detailing their structure and leader hopefully :nod: 

 Flinch Spacey created by and owned by myself
AVP owned by FOX 
AVP: The Hive Rogue (Page 4) by ChristoMan
AVP: The Hive Rogue (Page 4)
A short story of Flinch Spacey's most common daily action, survival. ;P

<Page 3 - Page 5>
(First Page)

Hard to say now whether this hunting party wants The Hive Rogue dead or alive, one things for sure, they're carrying some serious artillery :XD:

This is just an excuse to make a comic really, but nothing too technical story wise XD but if people enjoy what they see i might stretch it out to be longer then expected :D (Big Grin)  

Flinch Spacey created by and owned by myself
AVP owned by FOX 
Greetings my friends and fellow watchers :D 

First of all I wish to apologise for my lack of absence here on DeviantArt, unfortunately it's been the last few weeks before my trimester finishes, so anyone who knows anything about University, TAFE, and school I'm sure you know just how deep in work you can get sometimes :XD: oh the joy ;) 

Also unlike last year when I went to England and met with my better half :iconshewolfey: I have virtually posted said, or updated nothing about when she came over for 3 weeks :nod: (which as both spectacular that she was chilling in my country, and challenging as I got super sick for one of those weeks, and had large piles of assessments I had to do while she was around :XD:) feel kinda bad as some of you guys have known us for ages and are more or less close friends of both of us :nod: but she got back and as most of you would have read in her journal, she had a blast and all that jazz :XD: 

Basically from the day :iconshewolfey: came it's been a none stop ride of events and junk that's unfortunately forced me to be very inactive once again :XD: the week before Wolfey left I was given the opportunity to operate a camera at some panel discussion at the Melbourne international Film Festival (which they payed me in free tickets lol) it was quite an experience as myself and the team managed to solve some streaming issues with the Tricaster (it was a muticamera shoot that was being uploaded to the internet live) and because of that our producer started trying to get us more jobs to repay us :nod: 

Now he managed to wrangle up a national bank (ANZ for you Aussies that would know) that needs a promo vid filmed and got us directing and producing it :D so tomorrow we will be pitching and meeting with the department of affairs manager to discuss what kinda video they want, and hopefully it goes well. :dance: and to top it all off two days ago once of my teachers managed to get me a job bring a gaffer on the set of a short film that actually might pay money XD so in other words, things have been going quite well with Uni :) 

As for my job at McDnalds? well I think I might have outlived my usefulness with them as they have not contacted me in weeks, meh :P it's been nice to be able to not worry about work kinda, and even grow out a beard :XD: but the negative is basically I have no job at the moment :P

Now comes the DeviantArt current goals and stuff I have been doing :nod: recently I got a spike and sudden urge to write again :XD: despite the fact I haven't uploaded anything I know ;) recently I have been drawing up some human characters, and various other setting details for the collab between myself and :iconshewolfey: (the one with the flying Xenomorphs I created) mainly it's consisted of watching documentaries about the Infamous PMC company called "Blackwater" as rather than use Weyland Yutani we decided to make our own :). I might Post some sketches and jazz just to get a few opinions :D. The Allure Of Ediridion has been kinda on hold (mainly on my behalf) as I have been kinda stumped on the next chapter. And :iconyautja-syn: has been busy with offline, don't worry hopefully once this trimester finishes I will try and have the next chapter done :) 

Other then all of the above what else have I been up to? I have been reading a lot about current issues (here we go, Chris is going to bore us with political theory and crap :XD:) one thing that I love to do is keep up to date with what's happening around the world and :nod: (it's great inspiration for work trust me :XD:) I'm a firm believer in getting more people to participate in politics and junk, not to support political groups, but the more people keeping up to date, the harder it is to be fooled or tricked, or taken advantage ;)

So just for a bit of discussion :nod: what is everyone's current opinion on the Iran Nuclear deal? 

Me: when I thought all hope had been lost for the Middle East, the country I least expected to use diplomacy (The United States) ended up not only using it, but managed to come together with Iran to solve an issue both countries were concerned about. Obviously it's still s long way to go for relations, and the fact that theirs so many out there saying the deal is the worst thing to ever happen, (EG: Neocons, Israel, the Republican Party, and many of political groups and lobby groups) make it hard to see if the deal will actually hold up and keep what it was essentially created to do, peace. 

Thanks again guys and I hope you are all going well :dance: drop a comment and let me know how life has been treating you and only if you want to, tell me your opinion on the above issue :nod: 

Peace :peace:  

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